What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance helps drivers receive on-the-scene help in a roadside emergency or when their vehicle is disabled.

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Almost every auto insurance provider offers roadside assistance as an optional policy add-on. They partner with business to provide 24/7 roadside emergency services nationwide. Policy holders have coverage whenever and wherever they might need help.

If you're stranded, all you have to do is call a designed number or request service via your provider's mobile app. A representative will come help you.

Roadside assistance can also be part of a vehicle warranty or extended service plan from a car manufacturer, a credit card perk, or a membership service with an annual fee.


You can expect most providers to cover these common issues:

  • Flat Tire: A service professional will come change flat tire with your car's spare tire. If you don't have a spare, they can tow your vehicle within a specified coverage area. Two - and three- wheel vehicles aren't always covered.

  • Jump-start: Get a jump-start when your battery dies or receive tow service to a mechanic place of your choice within the specified coverage area.

  • Lock outs: If you lost your keys or you locked them in your car, someone will come unlock your vehicle.

  • Fuel Delivery: If you run out of gas while driving, a roadside rep will bring you enough fuel to make it to the next gas station. Depending on your plan, they might charge you for the gas.

  • Towing: A tow truck will come if your car is inoperable. Most roadside assistance plans will tow your vehicle for free within 3 to 15 miles. You may pay extra if you want them to tow your car outside the coverage area.

  • Extrication or winching: Get help with moving your car i it's stuck (snow, a ditch or after an accident). Basic plans might not include this service.

Most policies generally cover up to $100 per event. But you'll want to check your plan to know what it comes with. Also look out any restrictions or additional fees.



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