Giving your insurance coverage a shape up

Why coverage is important:

With over 40,000 in the U.S., barber shops are the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry. As the owner of one or more of these types of shops, it’s likely that your business will increase due to millennial and post-millennial men who are becoming more interested in personal care services, even at a higher price. Barbers are highly trained artists, and your shops attract clientele from far and wide to pay top dollar for cuts, fades and shaves. These are not your grandfathers’ barber shops, and, as a business owner, the right insurance is imperative to the success and financial stability of your shop.

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Coverage Features:

• Automatically includes professional liability for services such as hair cutting, shaving, waxing and more

• No prior experience needed

Additional Advantages:

• Financial stability of a carrier rated A++ by A.M. Best

• Unsurpassed service with a sense of urgency and care

• Policyholders have access to free and discounted services, including:

• Background checks

• Human resources consultation

• Client data protection services

Coverage for Barber Shops:

• A client slipped while walking over to a barber chair, causing a fractured wrist and $3,000 in medical bills

• Allergic reactions from failure to conduct a patch test

• Hair loss due to permanent wave

• Scalp infections

• Burns from dryers and curling irons

• Cuts from razors

• Repeated exposure to hair products and coloring agents.

Eligible Risks:

• Operations offering services that are primarily hair service related

• Revenues up to $3,000,000

Most Common Ineligible Risk Characteristics:

• Student operators

• Products sold under the applicant’s own name or label

• Located in AK, LA or WV



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