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Non-Trucking Liability

Truckers sometimes need to take your tractor on the road without a trailer, and one that could leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars.

Non-trucking liability insurance protects  your truck tractor when you’re not hauling. You need special insurance for trucks with non-trucking liability insurance that will pay for the damage and legal costs caused by an accident.

Non-trucking liability insurance protects you from:

  • Fights legal battles for you 

Will foot the bill for your legal representation and any damages you owe. 

  • Covers damage so you don't have to

Will pay for damage you caused to others. 

  • Guarantees that you’ll be able to pay if you hurt someone or damage their property

All truckers need non-trucking liability insurance. Whether you’re in your personal car or a business vehicle like a truck tractor, it’s illegal to drive without liability insurance.

In addition to being legally required, non-trucking liability insurance is also just plain smart to have. It keeps you from having to pay many thousands of dollars in legal fees and damages in case of an accident. 

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