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General Liability

Many small business owners have a general liability insurance policy to help to protect their companies. This insurance helps to protect your business from claims of:

  • Bodily injury

  • Property damage

  • Advertising injury

  • Copyright infringement

  • Reputational harm

Claims are common and come up during normal business operations. They can be expensive for small businesses and may don't have the resources to cover the claim. With general liability coverage you will not pay those big costs out of your pocket.

General liability helps to cover:

  • Costs for property damage claims against your business

  • Medical expenses if someone gets injured at your company

  • Advertising injury claims against your business

  • Administrative costs to handle covered claims

  • Court costs, judgments and settlements for covered claims

State law generally doesn't  require you to carry general liability insurance. However, not having coverage could put your business at financial risk. Our specialists are here to help you and will do all they can to make sure you get the insurance coverages you need.

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