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Management Liability

Management Liability Insurance is a combination of coverages that protects you from a variety of risks that arise when running and managing a business. This customized package of coverages is aimed at protecting directors, officers, board members, managers, and administrators, as well as the company, from lawsuits alleging mismanagement, and is intended to provide liability coverage beyond what a standard general liability policy covers.

What does it cover?

  • Directors and officers liability insurance

Provides protection for the personal liability of directors and officers of a company while they are performing their roles as directors and officers. This coverage can protect directors and officers if they are accused of management errors or improper conduct by providing for the legal defense costs and potential losses suffered through lawsuits.

  • Employment practices liability insurance

Provides financial protection for your business against lawsuits by employees accusing your business of wrongful treatment such as discrimination, harassment, or other employment-related issues.

  • Fiduciary liability insurance

Protect your business and employer assets against claims of mismanagement of your company’s benefit plans.

  • Commercial crime insurance

Protects your business property against financial losses caused by dishonest employees or third-party fraud. 

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