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ATV insurance may protect you and your ATV if you're involved in an accident. Your insurer may offer coverage for your ATV as part of an off-road vehicle insurance policy.

What does ir cover?

  • Liability coverage

If you cause an accident that results in someone hurt or that causes damage to another person's property, this coverage helps you to pay  for the other person's bills or the costs to repair damage to their property.

  • Collision coverage

If your ATV is damaged after you hit another vehicle or another object, such as a fence, this coverage may help cover the cost of repairing your ATV.

  • Comprehensive coverage

If your  ATV is damaged by something other than a collision fire or hail, for instance. This coverage may help pay to fix the damage.

To help alleviate, many people decide to protect their all terrain vehicle with a specialized ATV insurance policy. 

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