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Business insurance coverage protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of business. There are many types of insurance for businesses including coverage for property damage, legal liability and employee-related risks.


General Liability

Many small business owners have a general liability insurance policy to help to protect their companies.


Property Insurance

It is your responsibility to protect your company. Your company is the biggest and most costly investment you’ll ever make in your lifetime.


Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance compensates your business for lost revenue and other expenses if a fire or other property insurance claim forces you to close your doors temporarily.


Workers Compenstion

Protects your employees and your business from work-related accidents, illnesses, and even death.

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Cyber Liability

When cyber attacks like data breaches and hacks occur, they can result in devastating damage. Businesses have to deal with business disruptions, lost revenue and litigation.


Managment Liability

Combination of coverages that protects you from a variety of risks that arise when running and managing a business.


Erros and Omissions

 This insurance can help cover your court costs or settlements, which can be very costly for your business to pay on its own.

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